Introduction - The Project

Introduction - The Project
2013 Update

Electrical and Electronics SMEs: Broad Network Provides Continued Support on EcoDesign

The 2005 EcoDesign campaign was a huge success and disseminated case studies, as well as ecodesign strategies, methodologies, and tools among more than 600 European SMEs. The project, which is presented on these websites, came to an end in December 2005, but the news section is still maintained to keep you updated on latest EcoDesign developments.
If you need further support on ecodesign, carbon footprinting, the EuP directive and compliance strategies, or if you are interested in individual trainings or to set up a related project, just contact the EcoDesignARC experts' network. There are numerous follow-up activities, projects and events, which you can join.

The main results of the campaign are summarized in a downloadable project brochure.

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September 29, 2005

Project Information

Awareness Raising Campaign for Electrical and Electronics SMEs

On behalf of the European Commission, DG Enterprise, the Fraunhofer IZM performs a project to raise awareness among SMEs regarding ecodesign issues. Regional partners in this project are 17 universities, chambers of commerce, industry associations, consultants etc.

Major goals:

  • Inform SMEs about ecodesign: Relations of ecodesign with current legislation (RoHS, WEEE, EuP), tools and methodologies, case studies & best practice
  • Figure out eco-design case studies with relevancy for SMEs from the electrical and electronics sector: Business success stories, relevant projects
  • Identify tools for eco-design in SMEs
  • Identify appropriate and targeted types of assistance for SMEs in implementing eco-design

Major tasks:

  • Awareness raising workshops all over Europe (28 in 21 countries, workshops are free of charge); within these workshops the basics of ecodesign are explained, invited experts from industry, associations, academia, and authorities present local case studies, industry initiatives, policy orientations; 1,200 participants attended the workshops of the campaign
  • Development of appropriate multi-media based teaching material, including the major findings of the workshop series

Industry sectors covered:

  • Electrical and electronics equipment (electrical appliances; electric motors, generators and transformers; electricity distribution and control apparatus; cables; batteries and accumulators; lighting equipment and electric lamps; other electrical equipment; electro-medical equipment; measuring, precision and control instruments; industrial process control equipment; electronic equipment; office machinery and computers; electronic components; telecommunications; consumer electronics)

Project duration:

  • Workshops organised and teaching material published by late September 2005.
  • Webpage:

On the webpage the workshop schedule, documentation from the workshops, the teaching material and further information (ecodesign contacts, case studies, projects, ecodesign tools) are published.

If you are interested to set a link from your website to the website of this project, feel free to use the banners provided for download below.
  • Call Navigator for Banners
    As a visual introduction to the project and the teaching material you find here banners in English, German, French to link from other websites to the teaching material - feel free to use it for your website!
  • Call Navigator for Final Report
    Final project report, describing major project management issues and project results
  • Call Navigator for Project-Overview
    Gives a review of scope, concept and target group of the project. A short version of the tender submitted to the comission is also provided.