(IE) Environmental Policy Dept, Enterprise Ireland (EI)

(IE) Environmental Policy Dept, Enterprise Ireland (EI)
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Environmental Policy Dept.
Enterprise Ireland
Dublin 9

Phone + 353 1 8082229
Fax + 353 1 8082259


Enterprise Ireland Environment Policy Dept.

The Enterprise Ireland Environment Policy Dept. comprises 25 environmental specialists providing a range of supports designed to improve the environmental performance of Irish industry, with a particular focus on SMEs.


  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • Waste Management
  • Eco-design/Design for Environment
  • Improving the Environmental Performance of Electrical & Electronic Goods
  • Environmental and Analytical Laboratories
  • Ambient Air Quality and Emissions Monitoring
  • Aquatic Toxicity Testing
  • Biological Effluent Treatment
  • Climate Change and Energy


  • Information and advice on all environmental issues relevant to industry e. g. climate change, eco-design, Environmental Management Systems (EMS), and waste management;
  • Financial supports for the development of EMS and for ecodesign projects;
  • Online environmental information supports from http://www.envirocentre.ie backed up by phone, e-mail or site visits from in house environmental specialists, to include:

    • guides to environmental legal obligations,
    • sectoral and cross sectoral practical best practice guides on improving environmental performance;
    • case examples,
    • information databases,
    • dedicated electronics ecodesign supports at http://www.envirocentre.ie/electronics
    • up to date news and events;

  • Regional environmental business clubs;
  • On site audits and eco-efficiency assessments
  • Analytical services to include monitoring air emissions, water monitoring, aquatic toxicity testing and effluent treatment trouble shooting