(GR) Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING) - EIC of Thessaloniki (GR153)

(GR) Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING) - EIC of Thessaloniki (GR153)
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Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING) -
EIC of Thessaloniki (GR153)

Tel: + 30 2310 539 817 ext. 207
Fax: + 30 2310 541 491

Federation of Industries of Northern Greece
1 Morihovou square, 7th floor
54625 Thessaloniki

phone: +30 2310 539-817
fax: +30 2310 541-491



The Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING) is a non-profit-making association founded in 1915, whose main objective is to play a strategic role in the economic and business development of Northern Greece. With the knowledge and experience gained over the years, the F.I.N.G. is today one of the largest organisations of its kind in Greece.

Members of the Federation are manufacturing companies and industrial organisations. 19% of the Federation's full members are active in the food sector, while 13% are clothing and footwear companies and 10% textile industries. The Federation's associate members are businesses from the tertiary sector, in the fields of banking, university education, the construction of public and private works, advertising companies, and conference and accommodation services.

The F.I.N.G. also established the EIC of Thessaloniki (GR153), as part of an initiative of the European Commission's Enterprise Directorate General, in order to help SMEs with issues related to E.U. policies and to take advantage of the business opportunities available. The EIC of Thessaloniki was created in 1987, (the oldest in Greece), and has a great deal of experience in submitting and implementing European programmes and projects. As an indication of our well-established experience in EU Programme management and co-ordination, here are some examples of our services and the most recent projects our EIC has been involved in:
  1. Areas of expertise
    1. Information & advice
      1. sources of financing
      2. EU legislation
      3. Business co-operation in Southeast Europe
      4. EU policy & initiatives (e.g. Internal Market issues, environment, health & safety at work, EU Enlargement, standardisation & CE marking, calls for tender, etc.)
    2. Co-ordination & management of national & EU-funded programmes
      1. Cross-border business co-operation (e.g. BORDER, BOSS)
      2. National Awareness-Raising Campaign for EU Enlargement
      3. Organic Food Network
      4. Mobility Centres Network (PYTHEAS)
      5. Co-operation At Local Level (CALL)
      6. Employment (NOW, ADAPT)
      7. New Technology (ADAPT, E-BUSINESS, GO ONLINE)
      8. Health & Safety at work (PR-EVENT)
      9. Environment (LIFE, SAVE)
    3. Business Partner search
      1. dissemination of business co-operation requests & demands
      2. search for suitable business partners on request
  2. Services provided & products offered
    1. Organisation of business partnership events, conferences, seminars, workshops & other relevant meetings:-
      1. "Doing Business Without Borders" Business Partnership Event (Thessaloniki, 17+18 May 2004)
      2. Organic Food Workshops + Final Conference (2003-2004)
      3. Enlargement Campaign Awareness-Raising Seminars
    2. Websites:-
      1. National Campaign for EU Enlargement http://www.enlargement.gr
      2. Greek EIC Network http://www.eic.gr
      3. Organic Food Network http://biofood.sbbe.gr
      4. Mobility Centres Network http://www.sbbe.gr/mip.asp
    3. Electronic news bulletin "EIC Flash News"
    4. Informational & promotional material:-
      1. BORDER Business Guide
      2. EU Enlargement leaflet
      3. EU Enlargement Campaign website guide
      4. CALL leaflet
      5. Organic Food studies
      6. Organic Food leaflet
      7. Organic Food guide
      8. Organic Food Scenario Analysis
      9. Organic Food Business Plan
      10. SECI-BSO Balkan Reconstruction leaflet
      11. Completion of new EIC Thessaloniki leaflet (to be issued in coming months)