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Latest EcoDesign Developments

January 1, 2011

Industrial working group on RoHS, WEEE, and ErP compliant product design heads into its 8th year

A group of component and end device manufacturers from Germany, jointly with authorities, research organisations, test labs and consultants is gathering 3 times per year to exchange experiences with the latest legislative developments, future requirements and suitable strategies for compliance management. "This is my premier source of information to get the latest on RoHS and EuP", as a participant states. The working group will see it's 22nd meeting on March 17, 2011, hosted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The working group is organised by Fraunhofer IZM. Information on how to become a member in this working group is accessible on the website AK WEEE.

September 1, 2010

Eco-Profiler software released for SMEs

The project LiMaS released a software tool for SMEs to provide them with insights about the environmental life cycle performance of their products, which can guide the companies to prioritise the most relevant aspects for product improvement. Different design alternatives can be compared in a simple way, allowing for a communication of quantified results. This tool is based on the methodology used for the EuP Preparatory Studies and hence allows a close alignment with the European ecodesign policy under the ErP directive. The tool can be downloaded for free along with background reports on what are current needs among SMEs regarding software support for environmental management and a comprehensive survey of existing tools and approaches.

August 26, 2010

Where to go this Fall: Munich and Vienna feature successful conference series

On October 12 and 13, 2010 experts in electronics design will meet for the 2nd time at the Elektronik ecodesign congress in Munich, which is a national conference jointly organised by the Elektronik journal and Fraunhofer IZM. Energy efficieny and energy harvesting is among the key topics. A half-day workshop will explain latest developments of the ErP directive, formerly known as EuP. Avnet, IMM, Fairchild Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, HaoHong and others will explain where industry is heading.
One months later Going Green - CARE INNOVATION 2010 conference and exhibition is scheduled: This Symposium is a premier platform for presenting the up-to-date progress on sustainable development and the development of eco-efficient electr(on)ic & automotive products. This year's program will feature the latest in environmental design, clean manufacturing, energy-efficiency, climate change, new eco-efficient technologies, collection, reverse logistics/trade-in, refurbishment, carbon trading, re-use, remarketing, recycling and policy making from leading experts in industry, academia, consulting, recyclers and public area around the globe. This event is part of the Going Green series of international events and will be hold November 8-11, at Schoenbrunn Palace Conference Centre Vienna.

April 27, 2010

Make Industrial Symbiosis Work: Zero Waste in Industrial Networks (ZeroWIN) Vision Conference

Keynote speakers will discuss the challenge facing industry to eliminate waste and become more sustainable through harnessing the potential of industrial networks. Workshops will focus on the ambitions and challenges of pursuing a zero waste vision: how can entrepreneurship in industrial networks eliminate waste? What are the most appropriate approaches, methods and tools to use?
Participants will learn about the project's approach and work programme over the next 4 years. ZeroWIN can potentially influence 3 million companies and is already working with 16 industrial partners large and small, notably in the high-tech/electronics, construction, automotive and photovoltaic sectors.
We would like you to have the opportunity to influence the ZeroWIN vision and share in the outcomes, ranging from practical assessment tools and eco-design implementation in nine case studies to engaging with policy processes, each contributing to achieving best practice in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, waste and water use.
Register for this free event at the University of Southampton on Tuesday July 6, 2010. Registration deadline: June 11.

January 8, 2010

"LCA to go": Providing Smart Life Cycle Assessment Apps for SMEs

The project concept "LCA to go" presented at the September 17 FP7 Info-Day in the meantime is supported by an impressive number of 61 SMEs, being in favor of the solutions, "LCA to go" might develop for them. The project idea follows a clear needs-driven approach, providing answers for the most important decision situations of SMEs in the target sectors, including energy-break-even-point calculations for the photovoltaics sector or guidance, how to deal with the specific methodological challenges to compile Environmental Product Declarations for bio-based plastics.
Large electronics components manufacturers will be involved to work on the challenges the complexity and short innovation cycles of this segment brings about for any environmental assessment. This directly will help tremendously SMEs to get hold of robust data from their global supply chains.
As the broad dissemination campaign of "LCA to go" will see a huge implementation of LCA-based approaches in SMEs, pro-active companies are encouraged to get in touch with the consortium at any time. Contact: ecodesignarc@izm.fraunhofer.de

January 7, 2010

Reminder: Standby and Off-mode Thresholds apply for Household and Office Equipment

The ErP (formerly known as EuP) implementing measure on standby and off-mode losses is effective from today onwards. Maximum allowed power consumption in passive standby is now 1 or 2 Watts, for off-mode 1 Watt. More stringent thresholds will be introduced in a second stage. Currently also the subject of networked standby is under investigation (preparatory study), while studies on new product categories, such as machine tools and industrial furnaces will be kicked-off in a couple of days. See the DG ENTR webite for further information.


Teaching Material
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