(PL) Tele- and Radio Research Institute (ITR)

(PL) Tele- and Radio Research Institute (ITR)
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Tele and Radio Research Institute
Ratuszowa 11
03-450 Warsaw

Phone +48 22 619 25 10,
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The Tele- and Radio Research Institute (ITR) is one of the leading research and development centre of the Polish electronics industry.

The multidisciplinary skills and technological know-how of more than 70 scientists, researchers and engineers make this organization cross-road of the technology, where state-of-the-art technologies are successfully blended into practical applications.

The authority of the Institute in such technical fields as piezoelectricity, printed circuit boards, surface mount technology, ultrasonic, automation and computerized technological processes and measurement systems as well as selected materials and technological systems is widely recognized.

For several years special emphasis in research has been laid on:
  • High precision printed circuit boards,
  • GPS disciplined time and frequency standards,
  • Control and measurement systems and instruments
  • Safety relays for power industry.
Results of this research are implemented in many practical applications in different sectors of industry, and also published on domestic and foreign publications.

Printed Circuit Research Department together with Chemical Materials Laboratory has created the Polish Centre of Advanced Electronic Interconnect Technology - CENELIN. The Centre employs 25 scientists. The researches which are performed in the Centre follow current trends in the development of materials, printed circuit boards and assembly technologies as well as the real needs of Polish businesses.

The Centres most innovative activity concerns the following technologies:
  1. High density interconnection technologies
    • Formation processes of very thin conductors based on the latest technology such as direct laser imaging and direct laser structuring,
    • Formation processes of microvias with diameters less than 75 mm by laser ablation and photolithography technique,
    • Interconnection technology suited for flip-chip assembly and high performance SMT assembly,
    • Radio Frequency Identification systems.
  2. New generation printed circuit boards
    • Materials and technologies for high frequency and high speed electronics PCBs,
    • Integrated component boards technology.
  3. Environment friendly SMT including:
    • Materials and technologies for lead-free assembly,
    • Eco-design products.
  4. Magnetic materials
    • bonded magnets from powder of Nd-Fe-B and from mixture of powders
    • different magnets: anisotropic, isotropic, injection moulded, compression moulded

Cenelin has carried out the EU Projects, international and domestic projects with close cooperation with other domestic and international research Institutes and Universities as well as industrial partners.

ITR has set up the Advanced Interconnections Technology Laboratory for lead-free technology assessment and quality tests during realization of the GreenRoSe project Removal of hazardous Substances in electronics processes and techniques for SMEs (6PR UE).

This laboratory will support the needs of SME throughout the project and provide a support platform for wider exploitation of the new technologies both during and after the project (training activities).

In the EcoDesign project ITR is responsible for planning the Polish workshop.