EcoDesign Tools

EcoDesign Tools

Eco-Design is about better products, but designing better products needs appropriate, efficient tools. There are different types of tools, ranging from guidelines and checklists to one-score screening indicators and full life cycle assessment, meaning methodologies, process simulation software and extensive databases on materials and processes. The application of a specific tool depends, e.g., on the development target, your available resources to undertake such an exercise and the availability of tools.

The guide available for download on this page (PDF) provides a selection of ecodesign tools specifically for the electrical and electronics sector. However, especially Life Cycle Assessment usually targets a broader range of industry sectors. This is not an exhaustive list of all available tools, nor does it mean a preference or recommendation to use the listed tools.

In case you are aware of further tools you would like to have listed in the guide and on the webpages - especially web based tools for small and medium-sized enterprises of the electrical and electronics sector - please send a note to

For further information about eco-design tools, methodologies and relevant databases see also the Teaching Material section of this website, including a comprehensive table listing some of the most important tools with external links.