Produktutveckling och miljö - drivkrafter, hinder och möjligheter

Produktutveckling och miljö - drivkrafter, hinder och möjligheter
Produktutveckling och miljö - drivkrafter, hinder och möjligheter,
Metodik för miljöhänsyn i produktutveckling

Conrad Luttropp, Docent Maskinkonstruktion, KTH

The lecture was discussing the following 10 golden rules in product design and were exemplified by different energy using products. Also a very comprehensive experiment was performed by the participants; "Look through this conventional "floppy disc" and search for environmental improvements in the design by using the 10 golden rules":

Hazardous - don't use hazardous materials and arrange closed loops for necessary ones
House - keeping - minimise consumption in the production phase and transport through housekeeping
Weight - use structural features light weight and high strength material to minimise weight
Energy -minimise energy and resource consumption in the use phase
Upgrade - promote repair and upgrading, especially for system dependent products
Life-time - optimise the design for estimated life time
Protect - invest in strong and resistant material and suitable surface treatments to product products
Information - prearrange for upgrading, repair and recycling through easy accessibility, labelling, modules and manuals
Mix - promote upgrading, repair and recycling by using few, simple and recycled materials
Structure - use as few joining elements as possible for ease of recycling and repair.