Final Report

Final Report

Final Project Report

The final report comprises an overview description of the selection of the workshops locations, statistics on workshop attendance, a summary of the content of the presentations and discussions during the workshops, findings regarding the current status of eco-design, and proposals for follow-up activities to assist SMEs.

1 Introduction (p. 4)
2 Summary (p. 6)
3 Workshop Summaries (p. 8)
3.1 Selection of locations (p. 8)
3.2 Statistics: Workshop attendance (p. 10)
3.3 Workshop presentations and discussions (p. 15)
3.3.1 Presentations (p. 15) Case Studies (p. 16) Eco Design Tools (p. 35)
3.3.2 Discussions (p. 37)
4 Findings from the workshop series: Current status of eco-design (p. 44)
4.1 General status (p. 45)
4.2 Regional differences (p. 47)
5 Follow-up activities (p. 50)
5.1 Activities stimulated directly through the campaign (p. 50)
5.2 Need for further action (p. 51)
5.3 An overall follow-up concept (p. 62)

See also the presentations and minutes of the final stakeholder meeting in Brussels on Dec. 5, 2005 where the results of this campaign have been discussed.