News Archive 2006

News Archive 2006

December 15, 2006

First EuP Preparatory Studies to be Finalized

With the final stakeholder meeting on the EuP preparatory study on external power supplies and battery chargers hosted by DG TREN in Brussels today, the technical analysis of the first product groups is close to be finalised. Stakeholders still have the opportunity to provide input and comments on the results presented by the contractors of the European Commission, but in January this study will see the final report. Thereafter the European Commission is going to evaluate the study results and might come up with a proposal for an implementing measure.
See Study on EPS and Battery Chargers for the relevant documents.

September 20, 2006

Be there on Oct. 12: Greening IT - Beyond Recycling

A final seminar of the EU funded project HEATSUN is scheduled for October 12, 2006, in Dublin. The seminar and workshops will explore the viability of eco-design and reuse of computer equipment, and bring you the latest findings of the pioneering Project HEATSUN.
See Project Heatsun Seminar for the agenda and further information.

June 9, 2006

Success Stories in Green Design - Your Business Case

The German magazine Elektronik calls for success stories in ecodesign. Did you undertake any design activities to improve the environmental performance of your product or component, such as energy efficient circuit design, advanced power concepts, minimizing stand-by losses, material reduction and changes beyond RoHS? Tell your small steps or great improvements. A special edition of Elektronik magazine will report on your case. Deadline for case study submission is July 31. See the Elektronik Website for further information (in German).

March 17, 2006

EuP Preparatory Studies Launched

The first step in considering whether and which EuP eco-design requirements should be set for a particular product is a preparatory study recommending ways to improve the environmental performance of the product. The preparatory study shall provide the necessary information to prepare for the next phases which are the impact assessment, the consultation of the Ecodesign Forum and a possible draft implementing measure.
The contractors selected by the Commission have launched 12 of the 14 product-specific preparatory studies. A list of these contractors and of their contact information is available at the DG TREN website. The contractors are required to maintain updated project websites (will be online shortly) through which they communicate with interested stakeholders. Stakeholders are encouraged to contact the contractors on their own initiative, should they consider it useful.
DG TREN information on EuP and contractors' contact details

February 10, 2006

WEEE and RoHS could be mere warm-up exercises for a new design culture

(by Drew Wilson, in: Electronics Supply & Manufacturing)
Ecodesign is about to rock your world. A raft of new environmental regulations in Europe, Japan, China and parts of North America is forcing fundamental changes on the electronics supply chain, though industry sources say the process will take years to play out.
Behind closed doors, the relationship of OEMs to their suppliers is being modified, leading to a thinning of already whittled-down vendor lists. Further, procurement strategies are getting a complete makeover, while manufacturing divisions are getting sucked into design decision-making--a new development for many businesses.