LiMaS: Simplifying the Management of Your Environmental Profile

LiMaS: Simplifying the Management of Your Environmental Profile

Eco-innovations project LiMaS:

Life Cycle Management and Innovations for SMEs

The situation as it stands

When companies want to become greener, they have different options to start greening their business: eco?design, life cycle assessment, environmental product declarations, EMAS and ISO standards.
LiMaS will put forward a practical methodology and a web based application to help SMEs green their business. The methodology will help them rationalise different environmental topics through one, common approach. This solution will be applicable across the EU, and in principle throughout all sectors.

What the project aims to achieve

Through the methodology developed by the project and made publicly available, European SMEs will optimise their time and resources.
A software tool will be commercially produced to support the methodology. This will be partially based on an existing programme (SIMPPLE LCA) which will be updated to include the wide array of eco topics confronting SMEs and redesigned to function as a back-end programme by a web application.

Project contact

Juan Carlos Alonso
Simpple ltd., Spain

Other project partners involved

Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Ingurumenaren Kideak Engineering ltd., Spain

The Eco-innovations Programme

The call for project proposals in 2008 inspired submissions from 444 participants in 32 countries, three quarters of which were from SMEs. On the pages that follow you will find the projects which are in the running to share the available ?28 million.
From recycling tannery and leather waste to produce green fertilizers to using bamboo to clean up waste water, people are striving to find creative ways of dealing with the vast quantities of waste our lifestyle throws up. Eco-innovation is here to support them.
The fundamental aim of furthering ?All forms of innovation which reduce environmental impacts and/or optimising the use of resources? is broken down into four strands: materials and process recycling; buildings; the food and drink sector and greening business including green purchasing and procurement. Of these, recycling was the field which generated most interest in 2008.
The LiMaS project adresses the "greening business" component of this programme.

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