Teaching Material

Teaching Material

Teaching Material

The project offers learning material on Eco Design and its implementation in SMEs. On the right column you can find an introduction to eco-design strategies, available in different languages.
The whole teaching material is available under Content.

The teaching material helps you to understand ecodesign and background coherences in a more complete and detailed way. It covers knowledge from basic ecodesign principles to ecodesign strategies, tools and methodologies. At the end of the 13 chapters full of information, examples and images you might be able to develop your individual eco-design strategy for your product portfolio.
It's your decision! You can read short abstracts on every chapter and download it separately. Or you download the whole document at once.

By an EcoDesign Test you can check your knowledge in advance - or afterwards.

Enjoy it!

Extended versions of the basic Eco-Design presentation for download:
BG - Кампания за повишаване информираността на малките и средни предприятия от областта на електротехниката и електрониката
CZ - Úvod do strategiínávrhu ekologických výrobků - EcoDesign - Proč,co,jak?
DE - Einführung in Ökodesign-Strategien: Wie, was und warum?
EN - An Introduction to EcoDesign Strategies: Why, what and how?
FR - Une Introduction aux Stratégies d'Eco-conception: Pourquoi, qui et comment?
GR - Εισαγωγή στις Στρατηγικές Οικολογικού Σχεδιασμού: Τι, γιατί, και πώς?
HU - Bevezetés az Öko-design stratégiákba
IT - Introduzione alle Strategie di EcoDesign: Cosa, come e perché?
LATV - Ievads ekodizaina stratēģijās - kāpēc, ko un kā?
PL - Wprowadzenie do strategii eko-projektowania: Dlaczego, co i jak?
PT - Introduçãoàs Estratégias de EcoDesign: Porquê, o quêe como?
RO - O introducerein strategiilede EcoDesignCesunt, la cefolosesc, cum se aplica?
SLO - Predstavitev strategij ekološkega načrtovanja–zakaj, kaj in kako?

For introductory presentation material in
Catalan (material adapted by J. Rodrigo and M. Meneses),
Swedish ("Produktutveckling och miljö - drivkrafter, hinder och möjligheter" by C. Luttropp) and
Dutch (material by A. Stevels)
check out the workshop pages.

Recommended reading: Prof. A. Stevels provided complementary teaching material on "EcoDesign for competitive advantage" (english) at the Delft workshop.

You are free to download and implement EcoDesign-Banners (visual introduction to the project and the teaching material) to link from your frequently visited websites to the results of this EU financed project.
Find the banners in different languages and versions here: Banners.
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